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         PT. Jasindo Lintastama was established in Jakarta since 1997. Our head office is located at Jakarta, Indonesia and we have branch office located at :

        - Semarang, Indonesia
Surabaya, Indonesia

        We have one Overseas Department in Jakarta, which controls all the document and all the shipments with Email + WhatsApp and WeChat.
for example, if our Overseas Department recieve any mail from agent, then our Overseas Department will immediately use WhatsApp and WeChat to contact the related branch office to get necessary information. Then our Overseas Department can reply to agent immediately.

         Therefore, there is no distance between our head office and branch office, every one seems like sitting in the same office but different table only.
There are 4 Staff in our Overseas Department. Ms. Siew Yen is The Manager.
For further information please send email to

         Our experienced and talented team of management plans and executes the schedule of services for its clients. While the company has grown and continues to grow very quickly, it is determined to maintain its sense of balance. No job is too big or too small.

         We are proud to say that we don't have any outstanding problem with any carrier or any agent. Some agents always consign shipment with MAWB prepaid and HAWB collect to us, and we don't have problem to transfer money immediately to agent as soon as we recieved payment from consignee.
Looking forward to your support and hope we have chance to cooperate.

Why Choose Us

* Well experienced team who are young and energetic.
* Able to handle all kind ofcargo.
* Reply email overnight.
* Good service contract rate and keep on looking for lower and lower cost for your shipments.
* Good payment and has no outstanding payment.
* We fulfill all your shipping requirements seriously.

We always put customer's need as our First Priority, do our best to deliver the goods We try to handle your cargo "As Smooth As Silk".
Just deliver your goods with us because We Care What You Care.